Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Henry Kissinger


  1. This Kissinger is excellent. Mr. McCutcheon you're a pretty good sketch artist and I think the radio host and her interviewees were a little spoiled. I draw and I think the radio show was unrealistic in its criticism.

    I'm posting here to recommend that you shut down the comment section for a month or two.
    Now that your famous I worry that people may start to post mean things in your comments, because they too don't really get the point of sketching. I'm 25 so I've seen first hand that people can be loose with words on the internet, especially on too topics, matters of skill and matters of politics. These things can snowball, so while I'm sure you can handle mean things being said internet "trolls" as they are called can easily pollute your attractive blog with shear volume.
    I liked hearing about you, disliked the unrealistic criticism, and feel like I should do something to protect your habit. You're a pretty good sketch artist. I was able to recognize many people.

  2. Darn a typo. *two topics...